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Vacation rental management – not just AirBnB hosting!

Almost every single time people hear about vacation rental business, they think about AirBnB. “Oh, so you’re renting apartments over AirBnB?”

Vacation rental management is much more than just listing your property over various internet booking channels and AirBnB. True, listing your property on AirBnB is as easy as turning on your computer – everyone can do it! With just a little more effort you will start getting your first bookings. So now what?

You feel excited, answer all the questions the guest might have, clean the apartment for the next guest, arrange a meeting in front of the apartment for showing the apartment and handing the keys, answer calls about any questions the guest might have during the stay, check-them out and start cleaning again. And the cycle continues.

After doing this process the whole summer, you might feel happy, seeing that you earned more than you would have for long-term rental, but the same time you feel exhausted working when your friends were having a nice time at the beach :). Maybe you used a cleaning service, but now after deducting all costs from the sales, all your valuable time that you used for problem-solving, guest communication, key handling – was it worth it?


And then there is Autumn! A lot of AirBnB hosts say that they are having a lot of bookings during offseason as well. True, but what are their selling prices? Many hosts rent at a rate lower or equal to the rate of long-term rentals. Why do so? Maybe you get a few more euros, but for what cost and effort. Think about it! After all it is or will become a full-time job!

Nowadays, vacation rental management firms, such as Best Apartments PLC have partial- or fully automated systems which will make property owners make as much or more sales with absolutely no effort.

Best Apartments PLC provides full vacation rental management service with innovative technology, automated check-in system, daily price monitoring, quality cleaning and maintenance service,  24-hour problem solving and providing guests a mobile phone with free calls and internet during their stay.

Using a professional vacation rental company not only save you from the hassle of communicating and meeting with and cleaning after guests, but it also adds extra value for the services and reaction speed the company provides.

If you are into investing in real estate or would like to find your AirBnB property a professional host, then we recommend getting in touch with our professional team +372 555 34933 or info@bestapartments.ee