Tallinn short term rental

The questions you should ask your (short term rental) property manager

1.Does your property manager offer the full-service property management?

This is an important question because there are a lot of services to consider:

  • Key delivery to the client which can have several options; meet and greet, self-check-in option, transfer from the airport and key delivery
  • Cleaning service (inside or outside company, checklist and quality control)
  • Property inspection and maintenance
  • Advertising and which channels your manager is using to promote your property
  • How many employees there are and is there 24/7 emergency support for the clients?
  • Is there any working system set up to discover high noise levels or water damage or smoke and fire hazards?
  • How are towels and linen washed and who has to provide them? Can the linen and towels be rented?
  • What languages do they speak and are those the same languages used by the biggest client groups you would expect in the area?
  • Does your property manager offer any unique services that might differentiate your property from the rest?


2. Property management fee and the terms of the payment?

Ask how many properties the company manages and how many properties they manage so you can make a rough estimate if they have a sustainable business.

Tallinn vacation rental

Tallinn vacation rental

3. Look into the company history: where are they registered for how long have they operated do they pay their taxes, read client reviews


4. Terms of the contract and the most important cancellation costs?

Because short term apartment rental clients tend to book their holidays well in advance beware of property managers who offer too soft cancellation terms with very short notices for your property management contract.This might mean that they can not take advance bookings and you will be loosing out on many potential clients.


5. What happens if there are damages to the property and up until which amount are your managers responsible in case the damages are bigger than the deposit provided by the client ?


Best Apartments is a professional property management company which currently manages multitude of short term rental properties in Estonia.