Tallinn Port to the Old Town with a car

Tallinn Port D-terminal to the Old Town with a car. The drive is only 4 minutes and it costs less than 7 EUR with a taxi.

Google maps offers a longer route through Mere puiestee because it seems they don’t know one earlier turn you can take in front of Mere keskus.  Google map route

The official website of Port of Tallinn is https://www.portoftallinn.com/

The taxi company we suggest you use for your needs in Tallinn is Tallink Takso their official website is https://www.tallinktakso.ee/    Tallink Takso vehicles are new and with automatic gearboxes, leather seats and modern safety equipment. You can recognize their taxis by their distinct yellow color, but some other companies are mimicking that so be careful not to confuse the company and not any yellow taxi is Tallink takso taxi.

Another good taxi company is Tulika takso which is the oldest one their website is https://www.tulika.ee/ and they have interesting history “The Tulika Takso trade mark was established in 1993. The company started offering taxi service with almost 300 Volgas and 40 RAF vans. By the beginning of 1994, 30 new Opel Omegas had been added to the vehicle park. In 1997, Tulika Takso discontinued using Volga taxis and carried on with 150 white Opel taxis.