Tallinn City Council building

Tallinn City Council

Tallinn City Council is independent in deciding the matters in the competence of the local government and acts only in the interests and the name of the citizens.

The exclusive competence of Tallinn City Council:

  • To approve and to carry out amendments into the budget of Tallinn.
  • To impose local taxes and to amend tax rates.
  • To approve, amend and adopt the development plans.
  • To elect the chairman and vice-chairman of the council.
  • To elect and release the mayor of the city.
  • To adopt detailed plans.
  • To elect all the bodies and officials, required by the law, to be elected into the municipality concerned.
  • To come up with proposals or to give opinion about the bodies established by Tallinn City Council.
  • To submit proposals, to make remarks and objections regarding the agenda of a meeting, the essence of questions discussed and their sequence.
  • To fulfill other functions, provided by other laws.

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