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Viking village near Tallinn

Viking Village near Tallinn

Amazing Viking Village only 30min drive from Tallinn airport. The best kept secret for some adventure and amazing accommodation.

sauna at Viking Village near Tallinn

sauna at Viking Village near Tallinn

Viking ship at Viking village near Tallinn

souvenirs Viking village near Tallinn

Viking village near Tallinn

Viking village near Tallinn

Viking village near Tallinn

Viking village near Tallinn

Viking village near Tallinn

Tallinn Old Town apartment rental for 8

This Tallinn Old Town apartment rental is located in a high-quality building which was rebuilt in 1998 the basement and first three floors are retail space; the two uppermost floors accommodate exclusive apartments.

This maisonette 2 bedroom apartment can fit 8 people:
1st bedroom – 2 people in a double bed
2nd bedroom – 2 people in a double bed and 2 people in 2 single beds
living room – 2 people in fold away couch.
Each of the bedrooms has its own bathroom and one of them has a sauna. The apartment is also suitable for families. This 2 bedroom apartment is well equipped with all the cooking utensils, dishwasher, stove, microwave and everything you might need for a comfortable stay. The apartment has very good floor-plan as the living room is located on the 1st level and the bedrooms are located on the 2nd level of the maisonette.

This is in a great location close to all the sightseeing spots but the apartment is very quiet due to the fact that it is located on the 4th floor (there is an elevator).


Spacious 1 bedroom Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3 building near the port

Spacious  one bdrm. apartment rental with beautiful rooms, comfortable beds and bathtub. The apartment rental is located between the port and the Old Town of Tallinn and the address is Poordi 3 ,City Centre 10151

Tallinn apartment rental living room with TV

Tallinn apartment rental living room with TV

Couch at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3

Couch and a table at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3

Living room at Tallinn apartment rental

Spacious living room at Tallinn apartment rental

Kitchenette at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi

Kitchenette at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3

This apartment rental has one bedroom with comfortable queen size double bed and spacious living room with very comfortable fold away couch for 2. The apartment has also a very spacious bathroom with a bathtub and washing machine.
If you are coming with a car you can comfortably park it in the underground garage.

Bathroom at Tallinn apartment rental

Bathroom at Tallinn apartment rental

Bathroom at Tallinn vacation rental at Poordi 3

Bathroom at Tallinn vacation rental at Poordi 3

Tallinn vacation rental in Old Town

What you need to know before getting into a vacation rental property management ?


1  Cleaning.  (this will make or break your vacation rental management company)

Think about logistics of people and supply in a realistic way as it is very easy to schedule and an impossible amount of cleanings per person and unrealistic delivery schedules for the towels and linen.

Real-time checklist which cleaning ladies have to fill and notify about broken or missing items (look for smartphone-based software solutions).

You have to have a quality control system and check the cleaning quality as without that mechanism the quality will inevitably go down. The cleaning ladies are your front line personnel and you have to have a direct contact and confidence in them.


2 Repairs and reacting to events within the apartments.


Think how you will prioritise the events which will occur as you will have limited resources also who pays for what (Example: If a 10-year-old washing machine breaks should your rental customer pay or the owner ? ). Have a system how to determine the responsible party for each event, which events need immediate attention and which ones can be scheduled. Try avoiding young local crowd who stay for 1 night and most likely will arrange a “social event”. There are different property management software and better use one to stay organised.


3 Manuals and information for your customers

Try to make the experience as easy for your customers as possible and think about:

Internet access, washing machine instructions, tv instructions, heating, check in check out, terms etc. The more information you have the better. More photos and videos the better as people don’t read nowadays. Videos don’t have to be fancy but useful take a peek at  Best Apartments YouTube channel


4 Public relations with your neighbours and community.

Try not to upset your neighbours and have a system to detect a noise and disturbances within the properties BEFORE  your neighbours. Think of ways how not attract the wrong customers which will save you a lot of hassle later on.


5 Check-in and check-out procedures and key delivery

Key management system to track and deliver keys the following questions need to be answered:

  • How you deliver keys? Do you meet at the apartments or at your office? Can you deliver keys at night? Do you have a self-check-in option as key terminal, lockbox or electronic locks? Check in and check out times and policies for late check-outs?
Tallinn vacation rental property

How to market your vacation rental properties ?

For every starting business, this is the area where most companies fail and it translates into NOT ENOUGH SALES. The good news is that you can do a lot yourself and the only cost is your time.

1  Social media Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google maps listings – my advice would be to make separate listings for all your vacation rental properties where you can and be responsive whenever a review comes in.  DO NOT INVEST TOO MUCH TIME LOOKING FOR LIKES AND RETWEETS as the users of the social networks are not in a BUYING MOOD whenever the use them. It is more of a proof of life and additional push for a client who has already made up his mind to rent and an SEO tool for your own direct bookings. YouTube also falls into the social media category and is becoming increasingly important – use it to make videos of your area and also to make video instructions for your clients (How to enter/exit, tricky equipment etc)

2 Own website.

Even if there is a single website which you use and it brings you a lot of bookings you still have to make your own as you will save on commissions and also the markets change very quickly nowadays and you will be prepared for whatever lies ahead like commission increase, some channels have even closed over time, changed and bought by the competition.

CAUTION: before you start with the website you will have to figure out first which Property management software or Channel Manager you will use as they will provide you with the online booking capability. There are a lot of free platforms you can use but  Wordpress has the most options and different plugins you can use.  Think about who is your client and in which languages you have to make the website.  Make news sections where you can post news of your area and of your properties.

3 Channel manager

As you will want to have a reach on different platforms as AirBnB,  Booking,com,  Agoda, Hotels.com and etc. you will need to have a tool which will sync the availability of your vacation rental properties on all of them simultaneously so you wouldn’t have overbookings. Some of the vendors provide 2 in 1 solutions as they also serve as Property management software. Do your own research on this one as this is a very extensive topic and I will feature it in a separate blog post.

4 Mailing list

An important tool which is easy to implement. Set up a form on your website to help you collect email addresses of potential clients and ask your existing clients to enroll too. MailChimp and CampaignMonitor are one of the biggest and easiest to use


5 It is last on this list but the most important. Photos of the property. Don’t waste your time and order a professional real estate photographer who works in your area. It would take you way more time and money to learn this craft yourself. 80% of the decision is made based on the photo of your vacation rental.

4-комнатная квартира недалеко от Старого города Таллина с сауной и парковкой

Описание квартиры
Необыкновенная 4х комнатная квартира на очень тихой улице рядом со Старым Городом и посольством Германии и Франции. Отлично подходить для целой семьи.

Подробное описание квартиры
Toom-Kuninga 23, Tallinn City Center, 10122

Красивая, уютная семейная квартира расчина на 6х человек в 3х спальных комнатах одна из которых находиться на 1 этаже. Хорошее расположение, близко к городу и к посольству Германии и Франции. Все кровати расчитаны на 1 человека, но при желании можно сдвинуть.Все спальни имеют шторы полностью закрывающие свет так, что можно спать во время белых ночей или днем так как будто на улице темно. Сауна на 1 этаже в апартаментах топиться дровами. Можно так же снять парковочное место во дворе это поможет тем, кто приезжает на машине или берет её в аренду в Таллинне. Квартира очень уютная и зимой т.к. в апартаментах есть 2 камина в 2х спальнях. Кухня так же оборудована всем, что может понадобиться.

Квартира в Таллине с сауной рядом со Старым Городом

Описание квартиры

Роскошная 2х комнатая квартира для 4-ых с сауной и ванной всеголишь в 8 минутах ходьбы от Старого города Таллина.

Подробное описание квартиры

Kotzebue 31, Tallinn 10412

Ремонт этой квартиры закончился в мае 2015 года. Новая и сделанная со вкусом квартира. Есть возможность арендовать парковочное место во дворе за воротами. Так как квартира находиться на 1 этаже она отлично подходит для семей с детьми. Во время пребывания можете наслаждаться использованием большой ванны, сауны и естественно кухни ( печь, посудомоичная машина) В квартире большая гостинная с большим обеденным столом и удобным диваном, где можно сидеть вечерами и смотреть ТВ и расслабляться.

2-комнатная квартира в Таллине с бесплатной парковкой

Описание квартиры

Новая квартира в Таллинне расположена в самом центре города и только в 10 минутах от старого города и ратушной площади. Так же есть место для парковки одной машины и чудесный сад во дворе.

Подробное описание квартиры

адрес: Allika 8, 10116, City Centre, Tallinn

Новая и стильная квартира с одной спальней, гостинной и полностью оснащенная кухня. Квартира меблирована со вкусом. Спальня с полностью закрывающими от света шторами и walk-in гардероб. Полностью оснащенная кухня со всем необходимым для уютного проживания. Квартира расположена в очень тихой части центра города, но очень близко ко всем достопримечательностям. Очень комфортной эта квартира окажется для тех, кто приезжает на машине т.к парковка находиться во дворе за шлагбаумом.

Расположение квартиры

– Ратушная Площадь 1,2 km
– Таллиннский Аэропорт 3,7 km
– Железнодорожная станция “Balti Jaam” 1,6 km
– Порт Таллинна 2.2 km

Роскошные апартаменты с камином и ванной

Эти апартаменты имеют царское расположение так как находяться в самом центре старого города на ратушной площади. С лёгкостью можно почувстовать себя королём из-за прекрасного вида и расположения. Апартаменты в стиле люкс обставлены со вкусом и имеют 1 спальную комнату,когда в целом апартамены с удобством размещают 4 человека. 2 на двуспальной кровати и 2 на удобной раскладной кровати в гостинной. Спальня расположена ближе к тихому внутреннему двору, а гостинная с камином с окнами выходит на ратушную площадь.

Для Вашего удобного размещения:

прекрасный вид



– 32 inch LCD TV with digital channels

32  inch LCD TV  с разными каналами

– бесплатный интернет

Luxury Tallinn apartment rental


 If you are looking for shorter term apartment rental from 1-2 nights then you have the following options:

a) should do a google search on the topic “Tallinn apartment rental” and contact the most credible one but before booking check the background from TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google+ reviews
b) Use the major booking engine www.booking.com where you can put a Property type filter to “Apartments”. After making the booking I advise you to contact the apartment rental owner/agency immediately to arrange the time and place for making the check in and making the payment as this might not be on the same location as the apartment rental but in a nearby office or they might have other ways of handling the key delivery and payments (with a car transfer for example and payments taken by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal link)

 If you are looking for an apartment rental in Tallinn for a longer period as 1 week to 1-2 months

Luxury Tallinn apartment rental

weekly rental in Tallinn Old Town

then you should contact the www.bestapartments.ee as from there you will get the best value for your money for that period. You can also make a search in google for “weekly apartment rentals in Tallinn” or contact some owners from www.AirBnB.com or www.HouseTrip.com asking them for special offers for those periods

If you are looking for an even longer term Tallinn apartment rental

then you should start looking from the 2 main local real-estate websites www.city24.ee and www.kv.ee You should be aware that the local real-estate agents are not very eager to respond to e-mails or it can take far too long so when you find something suitable it is better if you call the real estate agent immediately over the phone.

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