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Квартира в Старом городе Таллинна

Описание квартиры

Современные и уютные апартаменты в центре старого города в Таллинне. Квартира просторная и с высокими потолками. В вашем распоряжении окажутся душевая кабинка, посудомоичная машина и стиральная машина.

Подробное описание квартиры

Vene 19, 10123 Tallinn Old Town
Современные, просторные 52 м2 апартаменты с хорошим расположением в центре старого города. В апартаментах есть душевая кабинка, посудомоичная машина и стиральная машина, а так же удобная двуспальная кровать.  Апартаменты очень просторные, высокие потолки только усиливают это ощущение. Квартира прекрасно подходят для компании из 3-х человек т.к. в комнате помимо двуспальной кровати есть еще одно спальное место. Подходит для семьи, потому что находится на 1 этаже.

Расположение квартиры

Ближайшая парковка с доступной ценой находится в 400 м по адресу Väike-Rannavärav 6 и если вы желаете купить её через нас в этом случае оповестите нас и мы обеспечим Вам разрешение на парковку
Ближайший продуктовый магазин находится в 300 м Rimi Kaubahall

4.9 km Таллиннский Аэропорт
1.1 km Порт Таллинна
350 m Ратушная Площадь
700 m Железнодорожная станция “Balti Jaam”

Luxury Tallinn apartment rental


 If you are looking for shorter term apartment rental from 1-2 nights then you have the following options:

a) should do a google search on the topic “Tallinn apartment rental” and contact the most credible one but before booking check the background from TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google+ reviews
b) Use the major booking engine www.booking.com where you can put a Property type filter to “Apartments”. After making the booking I advise you to contact the apartment rental owner/agency immediately to arrange the time and place for making the check in and making the payment as this might not be on the same location as the apartment rental but in a nearby office or they might have other ways of handling the key delivery and payments (with a car transfer for example and payments taken by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal link)

 If you are looking for an apartment rental in Tallinn for a longer period as 1 week to 1-2 months

Luxury Tallinn apartment rental

weekly rental in Tallinn Old Town

then you should contact the www.bestapartments.ee as from there you will get the best value for your money for that period. You can also make a search in google for “weekly apartment rentals in Tallinn” or contact some owners from www.AirBnB.com or www.HouseTrip.com asking them for special offers for those periods

If you are looking for an even longer term Tallinn apartment rental

then you should start looking from the 2 main local real-estate websites www.city24.ee and www.kv.ee You should be aware that the local real-estate agents are not very eager to respond to e-mails or it can take far too long so when you find something suitable it is better if you call the real estate agent immediately over the phone.

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Kotzebue modern Tallinn apartment

This modern Tallinn apartment at Kotzebue street is with very good weekly prices, modern and comfortable furnishing and it is only 7 min. walking distance from the Old Town and very close to Baltic Railway Station – Balti Jaam.

Vizit the official apartment booking page




Modern Tallinn apartment

Modern Tallinn apartment

Kotzebue apartment kitchenette

Kotzebue apartment kitchenette

Kotzebue apartment bed

Kotzebue apartment bed

Bathroom with shower and washing machine

Bathroom with shower and washing machine

Searching for Short Term Apartments in Tallinn? Here is some information!

Let us help you to find the best short term rentals in Tallinn, Estonia. View our list of available apartments.

The capital of Estonia, Tallinn lies in the of the Gulf of Finland just on the other side of the shore from Helsinki which is just 80 km away and can be easily visited for a day trip. The Old Town of Tallinn is in quite remarkable condition and is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the Baltics . The Old Town of Tallinn is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city wall is clearly visible with its massive presence and is a great place to spend leisure time during the weekends or during your vacation. There are some beautiful green parks just outside the city walls. Self-catering rentals are the best choice if you want to explore this part of the city. We provide comfortable and affordable options for your short stay, where you can live luxuriously but at reasonable prices.

Fold away couch for 2

Cosy apartment  in the Old Town of Tallinn – from 50 EUR !

As a contrast to the old town, the new town is largely built in the typical Soviet style of concrete apartments. Post-soviet economic boom of the country has also had its effect with a some high reise apartment buildings in the central part of the city. The city airport is located just 4 km away from the heart of the city and does provide air services to various capitals of Europe and world.

The most popular sightseeing spots include the Alexander Nevsky cathedral, Viru Gate, Toompea Hill, and Estonia’s parliament, Rocca Al Mare open air museum and the Seaplane Harbour. Book your vacation rental now so you can take your time and visit all those splendid sightseeing spots in 2-3 days. You can choose from our awesome properties for rent, from holiday villas and houses to apartments.

If you come with a car and you want to explore the norther sea shore, you better book a cheap holiday rental somewhere around the heart of the town. And for that, we are always here to help. We provide excellent options for accommodation to tourists and business people with different budgets . Short stays available with us are among the best in town. The best thing with us, though, is that you can have the booking made through the online booking option on our website and you will receive an instant confirmation. This way, you can ensure best place to stay for yourself with the best value of your money.

Click here to Find the list of vacation rentals in Tallinn !

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Modern 1 bedroom apartment rental

This apartment rental is very cosy and close to the Old Town in a valued area in Tallinn called Kassisaba (Cat’s tail in English). The apartment has modern finishing and it is well equipped.This is very moderately priced apartment with the following comforts for you: washing machine, dishwasher, LCD TV Sony Bravia, WiFi internet.

Click here for the official booking page