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Best Apartments – Jahu reviews on AirBnB

Very good hospitality, the apartment was comfortable and as described in the ad. Good location just a few min. walk to the old town, nice and quiet neighborhood. Would recommend especially for a family stay.


This is a really clean, spacious and comfortable flat, it was a real pleasure to stay here. The flat is very well positioned for the old town and all the main attractions of the city. Annika was hugely helpful in organising everything.

Best Apartments Jahu reviews

Best Apartments Jahu reviews

Best Apartments - Jahu

Best Apartments – Jahu

Tallinn apartment rental for 6

Communication tips for an apartment rental company (20 years of experience)

The communication layer depends a little bit on the size of the company and is very important.

1 Family business size where you manage 5-10 apartments and work together with your spouse/partner/friend etc. If you discuss all the matters that happened during the day in the evening most likely all are in the loop so no need to worry.

2 Any operation which involves more than 2 workers and 10 apartments. You have to ensure that all have the information and whenever another shift comes to work they have all the information concerning promises given to clients, and issues in the apartments which come through the cleaning personnel and client information. The ideal situation is when both client information and cleaning feedback from the cleaning checklists comes to one place and can be reacted upon swiftly.

The must haves:

Cleaners check-lists in real time and with multimedia

Central communication platform which brings together all the information from different channels in one place.

Communication with property owners. If you manage properties for owners you have to keep them in the loop both about the sales and what happens within the apartment (things that need fixing or upgrade etc.)

Public relations within your community and neighbors (be friendly and react swiftly to misbehaving clients who do not respect silent hours in the evening) this is important both for your business and the image of the apartment rental industry globally.

Quality control communication layer. Congregate feedback from client feedback about cleaning and appliances. You have to have a system to check the cleaning quality in real time and give instant feedback to the cleaning personnel before the client arrives, this will ensure high satisfaction rate both with your clients and your cleaning people and you will have a mechanism to filter out the “bad apples”. The most useful feedback for the cleaning is straight after the cleaner has finished where he/she can see the areas which need to be improved. Be friendly, do not attack the person explain then improve then forget and go forward.



The best area to stay in Tallinn, Estonia

That is a quite popular search term in Google so I decided to give an answer and in order to do so you need to answer those questions:

1.Are you just visiting Tallinn for a short period or you are moving to Tallinn?

2.Are you traveling alone or with family and kids?

3.Do you need to use a car while in Tallinn or prefer to walk and do not plan to go to long trips in the surrounding area?


If you are coming for a short trip and do not plan to use a car then Tallinn Old Town and Tallinn City center areas are perfect for you as all the sightseeing spots are nearby and for the ones that are a bit further you can use the Hop on- Hop off buses.

In Tallinn Old Town be prepared for:

  • Uneven street surfaces as cobbled streets and narrow passages
  • Most buildings will not have an elevator the ones that have might be old and narrow one which will be adventure to ride 
  • On lower floors, there might be occasional smell from the pipes as they are quite old and expensive to change
  • Apartments on some streets might get bit more noise during the weekends due to the fact that nightclubs and bars are located in the Old Town
  • Parking spots are rare and very expensive


In the Tallinn City Center you can expect:

  • Modern new buildings and apartments
  • Elevators and no smell from pipes
  • Bit longer walks to the Old Town sightseeing spots
  • You can even find a parking spot in a garage
  • More family friendly situations (fewer bars, elevators, better infrastructure)

Best Apartments PLC is the biggest apartment rental agency in Tallinn and we have a suitable apartment for everyone www.bestapartments.ee/tallinn/

If you plan to move to Tallinn for a longer period there are a lot more areas to choose from and you will have to answer another set of questions: Apartment or house? Budget ? Distance from the city center? Need parking? New or old building?

Tallinn vacation rental in Old Town

What you need to know before getting into a vacation rental property management ?


1  Cleaning.  (this will make or break your vacation rental management company)

Think about logistics of people and supply in a realistic way as it is very easy to schedule and an impossible amount of cleanings per person and unrealistic delivery schedules for the towels and linen.

Real-time checklist which cleaning ladies have to fill and notify about broken or missing items (look for smartphone-based software solutions).

You have to have a quality control system and check the cleaning quality as without that mechanism the quality will inevitably go down. The cleaning ladies are your front line personnel and you have to have a direct contact and confidence in them.


2 Repairs and reacting to events within the apartments.


Think how you will prioritise the events which will occur as you will have limited resources also who pays for what (Example: If a 10-year-old washing machine breaks should your rental customer pay or the owner ? ). Have a system how to determine the responsible party for each event, which events need immediate attention and which ones can be scheduled. Try avoiding young local crowd who stay for 1 night and most likely will arrange a “social event”. There are different property management software and better use one to stay organised.


3 Manuals and information for your customers

Try to make the experience as easy for your customers as possible and think about:

Internet access, washing machine instructions, tv instructions, heating, check in check out, terms etc. The more information you have the better. More photos and videos the better as people don’t read nowadays. Videos don’t have to be fancy but useful take a peek at  Best Apartments YouTube channel


4 Public relations with your neighbours and community.

Try not to upset your neighbours and have a system to detect a noise and disturbances within the properties BEFORE  your neighbours. Think of ways how not attract the wrong customers which will save you a lot of hassle later on.


5 Check-in and check-out procedures and key delivery

Key management system to track and deliver keys the following questions need to be answered:

  • How you deliver keys? Do you meet at the apartments or at your office? Can you deliver keys at night? Do you have a self-check-in option as key terminal, lockbox or electronic locks? Check in and check out times and policies for late check-outs?
Short term apartment rental in Tallinn Old Town

What you need to know about the real estate brokerage services in Tallinn, Estonia .

There is a simple answer Estonia is a small country and Tallinn is a minute capital so the real estate market is small. The real estate experience is also limited to less than 20 years of independence and only one real estate market crash (2008-2009):

If you would like to rent or sell your property you will contact a real estate company who will provide you with a real estate agent. How has the service worked so far:

Real estate agent gets between 50 and 70 % of the total brokerage fee and the rest goes to the real estate company. The brokerage fee for property sale is between 2-4 % the brokerage fee for finding a tenant is equal to a 1-month rental fee. For that price the agent will:

  • Post your advert to the 2 main websites in Estonia City24 and kv.ee
  • Maybe they will make professional photos or make some good ones themselves
  • Show your property to some potential clients
  • all real estate agencies will tell you that they have a waiting list of potential buyers but the will buy below market prices if they exist at all

That is it. They might have some contract samples, but they most likely are outdated and not compliant with the latest changes in the law.

Why ?

Little competition and a growing market. The demand has been greater than the real estate offerings on the market. In recent years global franchises as Remax have flourished in Tallinn but that has not pushed the prices down but given a better leverage against the real estate companies in favor of the real estate agents.

Some of the real estate agents will be inclined to offer you a quick cash offer below market price and resell the property for a big profit.

Property staging and decoration for sale is in its infancy. The real estate agencies rely more on real estate development projects where they build and sell new buildings than on the real estate brokerage service.

What is the future of real estate brokerage service in Tallinn?

Global real estate franchises like ReMax have entered the market and as the competition gets tougher the biggest and most efficient companies will increase the quality of service. Big corporations as AirBnB will get a bigger share of the most lucrative medium term tenant finding market (1-4 months) .

Best apartments PLC is the most innovative company in the real estate market in Tallinn which combines the most profitable parts: short-term rental + medium term rental. We strive for quality for our renter and profitability for our owners.

Our brokerage service includes a thorough cleaning of your property professional photos by the best real estate photographer and professional representation.

3-комнатная квартира в центре Таллинна с бесплатной парковкой

Описание квартиры

Новая квартира в Таллинне расположена в самом центре города и только в 10 минутах от старого города и ратушной площади. Так же есть место для парковки одной машины и чудесный сад во дворе.

Подробное описание квартиры

Allika 8, 10116, City Centre, Tallinn

Новая и стильная квартира с двумя спальнями и гостинной и полностью оснащенной кухней между ними. Квартира меблирована со вкусом. Спальни с полностью закрывающими от света шторами и walk-in гардероб. Полностью оснащенная кухня со всем необходимым для уютного проживания. Квартира расположена в очень тихой части центра города, но очень близко ко всем достопримечательностям. Очень комфортной эта квартира окажется для тех, кто приезжает на машине т.к парковка находиться во дворе за шлагбаумом.


Расположение квартиры


-Ратушная Площадь 1,2 km

– Таллиннский Аэропорт 3,7 km

– Железнодорожная станция “Balti Jaam” 1,6 km

– Порт Таллинна 2.2 km

Роскошная квартира в Старом городе Таллинна с парковкой и террасой

Описание квартиры

Отличная квартира в сердце старого города с подземной парковкой и 2мя ванными комнатами одна из них с ванной, а вторая с душем. Большая терасса со сладким видом.

Подробное описание квартиры

Sulevimägi 4/6, 10123, Town Hall Square, Tallinn

Эти уникальные апартаменты очень уютны и хорошо меблированы. Одна спальня очень просторна с двуспальной кроватью и личной ванной комнатой а другая с 2мя односпальными кроватями и с отдельной ванной комнатой с ванной. Комфортабельная гостинная с полностью оборудованной кухней позвалит Вам почувствовать себя как дома. Так же там есть отдельное место для учебы, эта же комная является спальной с односпальной кроватью. Терасса добавляет этой квартире много плюсов как и подземная парковка что является очень большой редкостью в старом городе.

Расположение квартиры 

restaurants Chedi and Bocca are 40 meters away

5 km from Lennart Meri Tallinn airport

– 1.0 km to Port of Tallinn

Современный апартамент с 1 спальней в центре Таллинна на 3 человека с парковкой

Описание квартиры

Апартаменты находятся в центре города неподалёку от площади свободы в закрытом дворе и поэтому очень спокойные и тихие. Эти апартаменты класса люкс.  Можно арендовать 2 парковочных места.

Подробное описание квартиры

Kaarli pst. 9, Tallinn 10142, City Center

Апартаменты находятся в центре города неподалёку от площади свободы в закрытом дворе и поэтому очень спокойные и тихие. Эти апартаменты класса люкс.  Можно арендовать 2 парковочных места. Большой  LCD TV и красивая мебель. Апартаменты расположены на 4м этаже ( Без лифта)  В квартире одна двуспальная кровать и один раскладной диван для одного.  На растоянии ходьбы от старого города. Во дворе есть принадлежности для гриля и садовая мебель которую можно использовать без дополнительных плат.  LCD TV , высокоскоростной интернет, кондиционер, стиральная машина, новомодная кухня с индукционной плитой это все что вам нужно для приятного время провождения в самом сердце Таллинна.


– Freedom square  350 m

– Tallinn airport 4,3 km

– Baltic railway station “Balti Jaam” 1,2 km