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Building of Tallinn Old Town apartment rental

2 bdrm apartment for 8 in Tallinn Old town

This 2 bedroom Tallinn apartment rental is located in Medieval Old Town with an amazing view to the City Wall Tower and the 124 meters tall St.Olaf’s Church from the 12th century. A beautiful Towers’ Square park is only a few steps away.

The apartment rental is located on the third floor. It has 2 bedrooms with blackout curtains, a living room, bathroom with a hot tub, separate toilet, kitchen and a dining area with access to the balcony.

A fully equipped kitchen comes with a dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave oven, fridge, and a kettle. In the bathroom, you will also find a washing machine. Parking in the apartment courtyard provides great additional value.

Tallinn Old town 2 bdrm apartment

Tallinn Old town 2 bdrm apartment

bedroom at Tallinn Old town 2 bdrm apartment

bedroom at Tallinn Old town 2 bdrm apartment

bedroom at Tallinn Old town 2 bdrm apartment

bedroom at Tallinn Old town 2 bdrm apartment

living room at Tallinn Old Town apartment rental

living room at Tallinn Old Town apartment rental


Why Booking.com has better reviews than AirBnB on Trustpilot. Why ?

Recently I was curious what kind of reviews AirBnB was getting as an app and then I stumbled on  TrustPilot where I found 3859 reviews and 75% were “bad”

AirBnB reviews on TrustPilot

AirBnB reviews on TrustPilot


Then checked the other competitor Booking.com and found out that their reviews on TrustPilot are better, still “bad” but   30% were bad and 50% were excellent. I guess this is due to the better customer service on behalf of Booking.com.

Booking.com reviews on TrustPilot

Booking.com reviews on TrustPilot

Booking.com and AirBnB neither of the companies seem to care to answer to those disgruntled clients or maybe it is because they will have to pay to answer !?

Best Apartments – Jahu reviews on AirBnB

Very good hospitality, the apartment was comfortable and as described in the ad. Good location just a few min. walk to the old town, nice and quiet neighborhood. Would recommend especially for a family stay.


This is a really clean, spacious and comfortable flat, it was a real pleasure to stay here. The flat is very well positioned for the old town and all the main attractions of the city. Annika was hugely helpful in organising everything.

Best Apartments Jahu reviews

Best Apartments Jahu reviews

Best Apartments - Jahu

Best Apartments – Jahu

Short term apartment rental in Tallinn Old Town

What you need to know about the real estate brokerage services in Tallinn, Estonia .

There is a simple answer Estonia is a small country and Tallinn is a minute capital so the real estate market is small. The real estate experience is also limited to less than 20 years of independence and only one real estate market crash (2008-2009):

If you would like to rent or sell your property you will contact a real estate company who will provide you with a real estate agent. How has the service worked so far:

Real estate agent gets between 50 and 70 % of the total brokerage fee and the rest goes to the real estate company. The brokerage fee for property sale is between 2-4 % the brokerage fee for finding a tenant is equal to a 1-month rental fee. For that price the agent will:

  • Post your advert to the 2 main websites in Estonia City24 and kv.ee
  • Maybe they will make professional photos or make some good ones themselves
  • Show your property to some potential clients
  • all real estate agencies will tell you that they have a waiting list of potential buyers but the will buy below market prices if they exist at all

That is it. They might have some contract samples, but they most likely are outdated and not compliant with the latest changes in the law.

Why ?

Little competition and a growing market. The demand has been greater than the real estate offerings on the market. In recent years global franchises as Remax have flourished in Tallinn but that has not pushed the prices down but given a better leverage against the real estate companies in favor of the real estate agents.

Some of the real estate agents will be inclined to offer you a quick cash offer below market price and resell the property for a big profit.

Property staging and decoration for sale is in its infancy. The real estate agencies rely more on real estate development projects where they build and sell new buildings than on the real estate brokerage service.

What is the future of real estate brokerage service in Tallinn?

Global real estate franchises like ReMax have entered the market and as the competition gets tougher the biggest and most efficient companies will increase the quality of service. Big corporations as AirBnB will get a bigger share of the most lucrative medium term tenant finding market (1-4 months) .

Best apartments PLC is the most innovative company in the real estate market in Tallinn which combines the most profitable parts: short-term rental + medium term rental. We strive for quality for our renter and profitability for our owners.

Our brokerage service includes a thorough cleaning of your property professional photos by the best real estate photographer and professional representation.

Tallinn apartment rental near Old Town

Vacation rental management – not just AirBnB hosting!

Almost every single time people hear about vacation rental business, they think about AirBnB. “Oh, so you’re renting apartments over AirBnB?”

Vacation rental management is much more than just listing your property over various internet booking channels and AirBnB. True, listing your property on AirBnB is as easy as turning on your computer – everyone can do it! With just a little more effort you will start getting your first bookings. So now what?

You feel excited, answer all the questions the guest might have, clean the apartment for the next guest, arrange a meeting in front of the apartment for showing the apartment and handing the keys, answer calls about any questions the guest might have during the stay, check-them out and start cleaning again. And the cycle continues.

After doing this process the whole summer, you might feel happy, seeing that you earned more than you would have for long-term rental, but the same time you feel exhausted working when your friends were having a nice time at the beach :). Maybe you used a cleaning service, but now after deducting all costs from the sales, all your valuable time that you used for problem-solving, guest communication, key handling – was it worth it?


And then there is Autumn! A lot of AirBnB hosts say that they are having a lot of bookings during offseason as well. True, but what are their selling prices? Many hosts rent at a rate lower or equal to the rate of long-term rentals. Why do so? Maybe you get a few more euros, but for what cost and effort. Think about it! After all it is or will become a full-time job!

Nowadays, vacation rental management firms, such as Best Apartments PLC have partial- or fully automated systems which will make property owners make as much or more sales with absolutely no effort.

Best Apartments PLC provides full vacation rental management service with innovative technology, automated check-in system, daily price monitoring, quality cleaning and maintenance service,  24-hour problem solving and providing guests a mobile phone with free calls and internet during their stay.

Using a professional vacation rental company not only save you from the hassle of communicating and meeting with and cleaning after guests, but it also adds extra value for the services and reaction speed the company provides.

If you are into investing in real estate or would like to find your AirBnB property a professional host, then we recommend getting in touch with our professional team +372 555 34933 or info@bestapartments.ee

Külaliskorter Tallinnas Allika tänaval

Külaliskorterid on pikemaks puhkuseks odavamad ja mugavamad kui hotellitoad

Külaliskorterite ja hotellitubade hinnastamine on erinev.

Paljud külaliskorterid ei arvesta oma hindu ühe öö kaupa, nagu seda teevad hotellid, vaid hinnastus on üles ehitatud perioodidele ja hooaegadele. Mida pikem periood, seda soodsamaks hind kujuneb.

Oletame, et neljaliikmeline pere (ema, isa ja kaks last) soovivad veeta nädalase suvepuhkuse Tallinnas.

Üks suvine nädal Tallinna 3 tärni hotellis läheb  maksma 900 – 1200 eurot ja 4 tärni hotellis 1200 – 1800 eurot. Hind sisaldab peretuba  kus on kaheinimese voodi ja lahtikäiv diivanvoodi või kaks lisavoodit.

Samas üks nädal külalikorteris maksab 450 – 650 eurot. Hinnas on üks eraldi asuv korter, kus lisaks elutoale on eraldi magamistuba. Boonuseks on veel täisvarustuses köök ning rohkem ruumi ja avarust ning täiskavanutele võimalust omaette olla.

Talvel ühe nädalane puhkus Tallinna külaliskorteris maksab 300 – 450 eurot.

Loomulikult on olemas odavamaid hotelle ja luksuslikumaid külaliskortereid, aga hinnasuhe tuleb külaliskorteri ja hotelli vahel, mis asuvad samas asukohas ( kesklinn, äärelinn jne) ikka alati sama. Ehk siis sama piirkonna külalikorteris peatudes säästate alati peaaegu 50%.


7 valearusaama majutusest külaliskorteris

Aina rohkem kasutatakse puhkusereisidel ja ärireisidel hotellide asemel peatumist külaliskorterites.

Toome siinkohal ära 7 põhilist valearusaama, mis inimestel on seoses majutusega külaliskorterites.

1. Külaliskorteri rentimine on hotellist kallim.


Vale! Perega või sõpruskonnaga reisides on külaliskorter tunduvalt soodsam ja mugavam     kui hotell. Hotellis tuleks võtta perega reiside peretuba, mille hind on juba sama külaliskorteri omaga, kuid avarust ja ruumi vähem. Külalikorteris on hinna sees lisaks magamistoale veel elutuba ja täisvarustuses köök. Sõpruskonnaga reiside tuleks hotellis võtta 2 eraldi tuba. Külaliskorteris aga saate valida 1 või enama magamistoaga korteri kus saate elutoas ühiselt aega veeta, hoides nii rohkem kokku. Puhkus ei pea tähendama kitsast hotellituba.  


2.Külaliskorteris saab korraldada pidusid.


Vale! See on täiesti valearusaam. Külaliskorterid ei ole mõeldud pidude pidamiseks. Nii nagu hotellid on ka külaliskorterid peatuspaigaks välismaistele kui kodumaistele reisijatele. Pidude vältimise üheks viisiks külaliskorteris on minimaalse peatumisaja kehtestamine alates kahest või kolmest ööst. Pidude korraldamise keeld on kirjas ka külaliskorterite eeskirjas, kus rikkujat ootab ees üsna krõbe trahvisumma.

3. Külaliskorteri rentimine on keeruline.


Vale! Inimesed ei ole veel piisavalt teadlikud. Külaliskorteri broneeringu tegemine on sama lihtne kui hotellitoa broneerimine. Valid välja korteri ja teed kodust lahkumata arvuti taga broneeringu. Külaliskorteritega tegelevate ettevõtete kodulehel on kirjas täpne info. Tänapäeva kaasaegses ja innovatiivses maailmas peavad ka ettevõtted pingutama, et klientidel oleks võimalikult lihtne ja mugav broneeringut teha. Paljud ettevõtted kasutavad online broneerimissüsteemi, kus klient näeb reaalajas, millised korterid on vabad. Ei ole vaja helistada ega küsida. Peale broneeringu tegemist saab kliend oma meilile broneeringu kinnituse koos külaliskorteri kirjelduse ja andmetega. Ka võtmete kättesaamine on lihtne. Broneerimissüsteem annab pakub erinevaid võimalusi kuidas võtit kätte saada, Kõige uuem lahendus on, et kleindile saadetakse enne tulekut kood sõnumiga ja meiliga. Klient läheb endale sobival ajal võtmeterminali juurde, mis asub Tallinnas Aia 7 ning sisestab sinna koodi ja saab võtme kätte. Kõikide poolte jaoks lihtne, turvaline ja privaatne.

4. Külaliskorteris ei ole nii turvaline kui hotellis.


Vale! Külaliskorteris peatumine on turvaline. Külaliskorterite asukohad on enamasti kesklinna ja vanalinna piirkonnas kortermajades, kus alt koridori uks on alati lukus. Samuti on kõikidel korteriustel kindlad ja turvalised lukud. Külaliskorteri omanik või ettevõte aitab sind kogu reisi vältel ja on enamasti kättesaadavad 24h. Soovitav on muidugi enne külaliskorteri valikut uurida hoolikalt pakkuja tausta ning usaldada valiku tegemisel sisetunnet.

5. Külaliskorteris ei ole teenuseid, mida saan hotellis.


Vale! Peatudes külaliskorteris on tegelikult olemas samad või rohkemgi teenuseid kui hotellis, aga lihtsalt te saate need tasuta või tunduvalt soodsamalt. Hommikusöök hotellis on kindlasti mugav. Valmistades seda aga külalikorteri täisvarustusega köögis saate seda teha omale sobival ajal ning ka soodsamalt. Peatudes külaliskorteris pikemalt saate ise oma pesu pesta ja triikida. Kõik varustus on olemas ja seda kõik juba hinna sees. Hotellis tuleks sellise teenuse eest maksta.  

6. Külaliskorteris ei ole privaatsust.


Vale! Peatudes külaliskorteris ei pea te iga päev mööduma administraatori lauast või suhtlema koristajatega, kes ülepäeviti hotellituba tulevad koristama. Valearusaam on ka see, et tuleb suhelda korteriomanikuga. Te ei pruugi teda soovi korral üldse näha. Teete broneeringu arvutis ja saate võtme terminalist. Aga vajadusel on  korteri omanik või firma teist vaid telefonikõne kaugusel.

7. Külaliskorteris peatumine ei anna mulle midagi enamat kui peatumine hotellis!


Vale! Külaliskorteris peatumine annab sulle vabaduse. Olla puhkusel sõltumata kindlatest kellaaegadest. Kui hotellis paned kella helisema, et ennast korda teha ja hommikusöögile minna, siis külaliskorteris saad ennast välja puhata ning hommikukohvi kas või voodis nautida. Lisaks saad kogeda kohalikku elu ja kultuuri palju ehedamalt kui hotellis, minnes hommikul kohalikule turule või pagaripoodi.Külaliskorter annab sulle reisil vabaduse.Puhka ja tunne enda nagu kohalik!