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Interesting Tallinn information with photos of different sightseeing spots and other places we at Best Apartments recommend.

Apartment building in Tallinn

How to Execute an International Move to Estonia


Estonia may be a small country, but it’s a big player on the global stage. Moving to Estonia is a popular choice within many hopeful expat communities nowadays. In the last few years, the population of Estonia has increased year-over-year, thanks to a higher birth rate and immigration from other European countries and the U.S. As an active member of the E.U. and a range of other international organizations, people who move to Estonia will get a variety of benefits. 


You’ll have access to extensive cultural and business networks with other E.U. countries, the U.S., U.K., Russia, and Ukraine. If you’re planning an overseas move to this country, rich in history and culture, we suggest making it as stress-free as possible. Hiring a professional, offshore moving company can make relocation much easier. Here’s what you need to know about moving to Estonia from overseas. 


Why do people want to move to Estonia?


With a population of around 1.4 million people, Estonia is located on the Baltic sea in Northern Europe. The economy has grown substantially in recent years, and Estonia is considered one of the freest countries on earth since property rights have been expanded. On both a regional and global scale, Estonia is a thriving country that makes it an attractive location for expats to consider. 


Did you know that Estonia is the birthplace of Skype? It’s one of the leading nations on progress with cybersecurity and education on cybersecurity, crucial issues facing the global economy today. Those who work in information technology and cybersecurity will enjoy living in Estonia. The country is home to one of the most advanced government e-services in the world. The government of Estonia is democratic, with a democratically elected Prime Minister and Parliament. 


Although Estonia is technically an archipelago, more than 1500 islands make up the entire country. Most of Estonia is forested and offers visitors and residents an abundance of wildlife. Until the 1200s, Estonia had remained a pagan country. Today, you can still find traces of a culture that is deeply influenced by medieval Viking culture. Even though Estonia is a small country, it is very advanced when it comes to technology, healthcare, and education, making it a convenient place to live. 


Preparing Your Move to Estonia


When you move to Estonia, you’ll enjoy a low cost of living, especially when it comes to rentals and housing. It’s not difficult to find accommodations when planning a move to Estonia. Travelers can access many online portals and get accurate locations and quotes on real estate for sale and properties up for rent. While it is possible to ask other expats for property referrals, speaking to a local realtor is best when it comes to getting the best deal on an Estonian apartment or house.


During the property search, expats should keep in mind that the rental price listed on Estonian properties will not include utility payments. The average monthly costs of services in Estonian cities, like for electric, gas, and water, is around 200 euros. Internet bills average about 20 euros per month. 


Apartment Hunting in Estonia


Most expats settle in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Tallinn is the center of Estonian business and of course, nightlife. On average, the monthly cost for a one-bedroom apartment is 450 euros, while three bedrooms can go for around 700 euros. If city life isn’t your thing, Tartu has a more laid-back vibe and is a university town. One-bedroom units go for an average of 300 euros, with three bedrooms averaging around 600 euros a month. 


Estonian Schools


The Estonian government provides free, public education for pre-school aged children and primary school-aged children. Mandatory public education in Estonia starts at age seven until about age 17. Both the International School of Estonia and the Tartu International School offer a well-rounded curriculum for the children of expats. The national language of Estonia is the Estonian language, which is closely related to the Finnish language. Finland is, after all, a neighboring country to Estonia. 


Transporting Your Personal Belongings to Estonia


Most expats will use the services of an international moving company for shipping their belongings to Estonia. Moving, even if it’s just to the next town over, can be a hassle. An international move is even more so without the help of professionals. A professional global moving company will pick up your personal belongings, ship them overseas, and then deliver them to your new address in Estonia. On average, you can expect shipping times of five to nine business days when moving to this country. Shipping times will vary depending on your country of origin. Your personal belongings will arrive in the Port of Tallinn, and local customs officers will have to inspect them.


If you are bringing pets with you, all pets coming to Estonia must have proof of full vaccinations within the last 12 months. Your pets cannot have had their vaccinations fewer than four weeks before the move. E.U. pets should have an E.U. Vet Health Certificate that is current at least four months before leaving your country of origin. All other pets should have an International Health Certificate before entering Estonia.


Estonia does not require you to pay import duties on your personal belongings if you’ve used your belongings within the last six months. Public transportation is decent in Estonia. But if you want to bring your car with you to Estonia, you’ll need to bring the following documents:


  • A Bill of Sale
  • A Bill of Lading
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Statement of Clearance from Lien Holder (if applicable)


Hiring a professional international moving company can help you navigate this process. Estonia’s growing economy, sophisticated information technology, and beautiful landscapes all make it a popular destination for expats. If you’re looking to move to Estonia, keep these tips in mind to make the relocation less hectic.





Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Christmas Market 2018/2019

“Tallinn Christmas Market (EstonianTallinna Jõuluturg) is a Christmas market held every year in TallinnEstonia. The modern Christmas market was founded in 1997[1] and it is open from the last week of November to the first week of January the following year. Founded by Paul Oberschneider, the market brings tourists from all over the world to Tallinn[2]. This is due to the Julian calendar according to which, the Christmas Day of the Russian Orthodox Church is on 7 January.[3]

This is traditionally held on the old Town Hall Square. At the heart of trading is the most important Christmas tree in Estonia,[4]surrounded by Christmas cabins/stands that sells handcrafts, hot wine and souvenirs[5] to about 200,000 visitors every year.” – Wikipedia

Tallinn, Estonia: a very Baltic Christmas

For an authentic Christmas market, Tallinn is hard to beat. But it’s not the only reason to go… read more from

and the official Tallinn Christmas website

Tallinn Christmas Market

Following tradition, the Tallinn Christmas Market will open its stage and sales kiosks this year in order to make it possible for us to enjoy the Christmas spirited fairy tale land as long as possible. In the Town Hall Square, there is already erected a fluffy Christmas tree, the symbol of Christmas, which for the first time in the world was erected right here in 1441. The Tallinn Christmas Market delights everyone with its coziness, historical location, half a century old buildings and long traditions. In recent years, the Tallinn Christmas Market has become increasingly visible in the foreign media; it has a number of times been elected as one of the best in the tens of thousands of Christmas markets. ….. read more from

Spacious 1 bedroom Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3 building near the port

Spacious  one bdrm. apartment rental with beautiful rooms, comfortable beds and bathtub. The apartment rental is located between the port and the Old Town of Tallinn and the address is Poordi 3 ,City Centre 10151

Tallinn apartment rental living room with TV

Tallinn apartment rental living room with TV

Couch at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3

Couch and a table at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3

Living room at Tallinn apartment rental

Spacious living room at Tallinn apartment rental

Kitchenette at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi

Kitchenette at Tallinn apartment rental at Poordi 3

This apartment rental has one bedroom with comfortable queen size double bed and spacious living room with very comfortable fold away couch for 2. The apartment has also a very spacious bathroom with a bathtub and washing machine.
If you are coming with a car you can comfortably park it in the underground garage.

Bathroom at Tallinn apartment rental

Bathroom at Tallinn apartment rental

Bathroom at Tallinn vacation rental at Poordi 3

Bathroom at Tallinn vacation rental at Poordi 3

Дом Достоевского в Таллинне

Дом Достоевского в Таллине – Uus 10

Следующая квартира находится в том же историческом здании

Вы можете арендовать эту квартиру, нажав эту ссылку

Tallinn Old Town apartment with parking,balcony & bathtub

Информация об этом историческом здании с соответствующими ссылками на источники.

“В середине прошлого века на улице Уус, в доме №10, который в народе называли «инженерным», поскольку в нем проживали служащие Ревельской инженерной команды, жил старший брат писателя – Михаил Достоевский. Именно к нему трижды приезжал погостить Федор Михайлович: в 1842, 1845 и 1846 годах.

Поездки в эстонский Ревель оставили след в творчестве Достоевского. Как утверждают литературоведы, изучавшие его творческое наследие, в его записных тетрадках было много заметок и набросков к повестям, где местом действия был этот потрясающе красивый город, оказавший на молодого писателя такое большое влияние.”


“Федор Михайлович посещал Свято-Олайскую церковь (Олевисте) и службы с воскресными нравоучениями сурового и властного проповедника Гуна. В этом человеке и увидели впоследствии ревельские старожилы прообраз «Великого Инквизитора», выведенного писателем в его самом фундаментальном романе «Братья Карамазовы».”


“На самого Фёдора Михайловича город произвел двойственное впечатление: Ревель ему понравился, а вот некоторые его жители вызвали у писателя не самые лучшие чувства, во многом благодаря «кастовому духу и ханжеству». На доме, в котором останавливался Достоевский в Таллине, сегодня установлена мемориальная доска. Кроме того, в парке возле Центра Русской Культуры установлен памятник классику русской литературы.”





The best area to stay in Tallinn, Estonia

That is a quite popular search term in Google so I decided to give an answer and in order to do so you need to answer those questions:

1.Are you just visiting Tallinn for a short period or you are moving to Tallinn?

2.Are you traveling alone or with family and kids?

3.Do you need to use a car while in Tallinn or prefer to walk and do not plan to go to long trips in the surrounding area?


If you are coming for a short trip and do not plan to use a car then Tallinn Old Town and Tallinn City center areas are perfect for you as all the sightseeing spots are nearby and for the ones that are a bit further you can use the Hop on- Hop off buses.

In Tallinn Old Town be prepared for:

  • Uneven street surfaces as cobbled streets and narrow passages
  • Most buildings will not have an elevator the ones that have might be old and narrow one which will be adventure to ride 
  • On lower floors, there might be occasional smell from the pipes as they are quite old and expensive to change
  • Apartments on some streets might get bit more noise during the weekends due to the fact that nightclubs and bars are located in the Old Town
  • Parking spots are rare and very expensive


In the Tallinn City Center you can expect:

  • Modern new buildings and apartments
  • Elevators and no smell from pipes
  • Bit longer walks to the Old Town sightseeing spots
  • You can even find a parking spot in a garage
  • More family friendly situations (fewer bars, elevators, better infrastructure)

Best Apartments PLC is the biggest apartment rental agency in Tallinn and we have a suitable apartment for everyone

If you plan to move to Tallinn for a longer period there are a lot more areas to choose from and you will have to answer another set of questions: Apartment or house? Budget ? Distance from the city center? Need parking? New or old building?

Tallinn vacation rental in Old Town

What you need to know before getting into a vacation rental property management ?


1  Cleaning.  (this will make or break your vacation rental management company)

Think about logistics of people and supply in a realistic way as it is very easy to schedule and an impossible amount of cleanings per person and unrealistic delivery schedules for the towels and linen.

Real-time checklist which cleaning ladies have to fill and notify about broken or missing items (look for smartphone-based software solutions).

You have to have a quality control system and check the cleaning quality as without that mechanism the quality will inevitably go down. The cleaning ladies are your front line personnel and you have to have a direct contact and confidence in them.


2 Repairs and reacting to events within the apartments.


Think how you will prioritise the events which will occur as you will have limited resources also who pays for what (Example: If a 10-year-old washing machine breaks should your rental customer pay or the owner ? ). Have a system how to determine the responsible party for each event, which events need immediate attention and which ones can be scheduled. Try avoiding young local crowd who stay for 1 night and most likely will arrange a “social event”. There are different property management software and better use one to stay organised.


3 Manuals and information for your customers

Try to make the experience as easy for your customers as possible and think about:

Internet access, washing machine instructions, tv instructions, heating, check in check out, terms etc. The more information you have the better. More photos and videos the better as people don’t read nowadays. Videos don’t have to be fancy but useful take a peek at  Best Apartments YouTube channel


4 Public relations with your neighbours and community.

Try not to upset your neighbours and have a system to detect a noise and disturbances within the properties BEFORE  your neighbours. Think of ways how not attract the wrong customers which will save you a lot of hassle later on.


5 Check-in and check-out procedures and key delivery

Key management system to track and deliver keys the following questions need to be answered:

  • How you deliver keys? Do you meet at the apartments or at your office? Can you deliver keys at night? Do you have a self-check-in option as key terminal, lockbox or electronic locks? Check in and check out times and policies for late check-outs?