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Top 10 Tallinn videos

Nr 1 Tallinn video is composed of multiple drone flights during the summer

Nr 2 Tallinn video is professionally made for Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau and has great music

Nr 3 Tallinn video is made by a company who makes professional aerial videos

Nr 4 Tallinn video is also made for Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau but is filmed during the winter and called Wintry fun

Nr 5 Tallinn video is Happy in Tallinn inspired by Pharrell Williams’ Happy

Nr 6 Tallinn video starts from Stroomi beach and works its way into the city and at the end you also have nice night shots. Features great music

On the 7th spot of Tallinn videos we are placing Northern – Tallinn music video “We have time” Although it has most views from all the videos (more than 2 million) it is not exactly a sightseeing video.  Features scenes from Põhja Tallinn “Northern Tallinn” quarter

Nr 8 Tallinn video

Tallinn public transportation 2014

Central Tallinn is very compact and easy to get around. For example Tallinn Airport is just 15 min bus ride away from the Medieval Old Town. To reach the suburbs there are buses, trolley buses and tram-lines in place. Public transport operates between 6:00 and 23:00 (some lines operate until 24:00). more information from http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng/fpage/travelplanning/transportation/public

The public transportation route planning website is here http://www.peatus.ee/#route_search/eng it is very comfortable and you can see the schedules and plan your trip even if you need to change transportation (bus, tram or trolleybus )

Tallinn tram ride

New Tallinn trams